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    This Site Is not Anonymous

    They make you give an e-mail address to sign up. Unless you have one of the old e-dresses that were truly anonymous to begin with, and only ever accessed it using a Tor-like network or internet cafe and paid...
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    Block Facebook

    Facebook Is holding my page pictures and friends hostage,They want to see a Gov I.D. before i Log in. The signs if Fascism are every where.
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    Let's use this thread as a way to list our ideas on things we can do to spread the word of corruption that is going on every day... I have some ideas on spreading the word that I would like to...
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    What is the result of Anonymus activity during all this time they are active? Zero-Nada-Nothing It makes you think who is behind all that and what is the real purpose...
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    DNA tracking

    anyone know about googles satellite that sniffs people out using thier genome ? sometime the truth is stranger than fiction