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    This Site Is not Anonymous

    They make you give an e-mail address to sign up. Unless you have one of the old e-dresses that were truly anonymous to begin with, and only ever accessed it using a Tor-like network or internet cafe and paid...
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    Block Facebook

    Facebook Is holding my page pictures and friends hostage,They want to see a Gov I.D. before i Log in. The signs if Fascism are every where.
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    Strategy discussion, video script, and knowledge source. In effect how do we get fluoride removed from human consumption? Cats drink the shit too. So I think the only way to get rid of it is by changing the false assumptions about it. In order...
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    I admire the work ANONYMOUS does for human rights and privilege, hope you succeed and find a reward
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    Shout Out UK - A New Media Source in the UK

    Hello, I am Shout Out UK. I belong to a collective of independent journalists. We have been following anonymous for a while. Shout Out UK is a global news platform, with a difference. We hate current media; they are very bias and...
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    I used to think that groups like this should be jailed for criminal activities. I now realize that sometimes one must fight fire with fire. I don't agree with every op, but I stand strong in support of Anonymous now.