A group for discussion of atheism, secularism, agnosticism, separation of church and state, etc.
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    Is Atheism about religion or God?

    After talking to a few atheists I find that there are different sub-groups within atheism. One group just doesn't believe in religions but believes there's some kind of super power that created us. And the second one doesn't believe in...
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    Atheist or Anti-theist?

    I have been an atheist for most of my life. As a non-believer, I basically didn't care what other people believed in and had no problem with freedom of religion. I now believe this is an untenable position and now...
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    How I Came Out of the Atheist "Closet"

    Throughout my life I have always doubted the existence of God. Nobody knew what I truly believed due to my irrevocable fear of bigoted animosity at the hands of friends, former spiritual leaders and yes, even my family. My mother,...
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    What I know is not what I believe

    Atheism, is defined as: The theory or belief that God does not exist. This definition alone unless broken down more means nothing. What is a theory? A set of principles on which the practice of an activity is based. What...
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    Just wondering

    Catholic on paper but some of what is taught seems absolutely ridiculous. On the other hand, too many people from all walks of life had professed to have had these "supernatural" experiences. True, some are made up, explained by science...
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    No shame in being an Atheist

    The dictionary states that Atheism is the theory or belief that God does not exist. Growing up I never classed myself as an Atheist, however the idea of an almighty being presiding over us all just seemed ridiculous. Christians act...
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    Respect of Faith

    Why doesn't people accept each others faith? I'm not sure if I could say the majority does but it feels it's not a small minority that happens to just enjoy the idea that their faith is above question and that...
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    On the atheism-closset

    Only a few close friends know who I really am. For my family, it would be horrible to know they're living with an atheist. It would be shame and fear. So I have to pretend, I have to be fake....
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    I am a reverse deist and agnostic

    Sometimes I don't know what to believe in. So I question the existence of god. I sometimes believe that there is someone out there helping us on everyday life, but I do not believe that "God" created the universe. I...
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    My view on life!

    we were reproduced in this so called "life" just like any other creature. the only difference is that we are born with a more developed brain and thinking method. this being said is why we question, is life meaningful or...
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    Coming out of the (Secular) Closet

    Being an Atheist in the South is something that very few openly voice. Myself included. I rarely talk about my convictions with people except my friends, my family doesn't even know I am an Atheist. The reason why isn't because...
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    Defining atheism

    I hate it when the media tries to define atheism as a belief system! As if we all believe the same thing... If anything, Atheism is the absence of a belief system. All I know is that...
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    Closet atheism

    I grew up in scouting and it supported monotheistic faith, but as I grew older I didn't really believe all that god stuff. I am now an eagle scout and cannot really talk to people about my lack of faith,...
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    Finding my way

    I was raised as a Catholic, but I don't see myself that way anymore. I found many useful teachings in Buddhist books, that helped me deal with my stress and with my everyday life. Still, I don't feel that there...
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    An agnostic without anything to believe

    I don't know if I can truly call myself an atheist, more of an agnostic, because I really don't think that I can deal with the logical conclusions atheism brings to the table (I.e. life doesn't really have meaning). That...
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    I believe in crazy

    I believe we either were a dieing race or we were put here from an advanced alien race, I really don't know or can prove that, but it sounds wild enough to be true
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    Atheist in the closet

    I am an Atheist and I have been that way for a little over a year, but my wife doesn't know! We both used to be major bible thumpers I was even in a locally popular Christian Rock band for...
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    You can't force God on people

    Some religions are notoriously bad (hint - Catholics, Islam) about forcing their religion down people's throats which is so utterly stupid because they are saying only their God is the real God. Which is what pisses off most atheists. You...
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    Is Atheism a Faith?

    Even Atheism can be considered a Faith. It's a group of people who believe in a common cause. But there's a difference between atheists and agnostics. Atheists don't believe there's a God. Agnostic don't believe in a specific religion's God