A group for discussion of atheism, secularism, agnosticism, separation of church and state, etc.
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    Where is God?

    If things are going fine God is there but when you really need him nothing happens. So he is there only for good times or is it the human brain that wants to believe that?
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    Non- Belivers reject islamaphobia

    American Atheists should steer clear of hateful 'anti-theism' and work together with other discriminated-against minorities - See more at:
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    You can't force God on people

    Some religions are notoriously bad (hint - Catholics, Islam) about forcing their religion down people's throats which is so utterly stupid because they are saying only their God is the real God. Which is what pisses off most atheists. You...
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    Just wondering

    Catholic on paper but some of what is taught seems absolutely ridiculous. On the other hand, too many people from all walks of life had professed to have had these "supernatural" experiences. True, some are made up, explained by science...
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    No shame in being an Atheist

    The dictionary states that Atheism is the theory or belief that God does not exist. Growing up I never classed myself as an Atheist, however the idea of an almighty being presiding over us all just seemed ridiculous. Christians act...