Shayan Italia


Know more about Shayan Italia who is a man of many trades

Shayan Italia is an Indian-born critically acclaimed pianist, songwriter, entrepreneur and global traveller. He started to create music unexpectedly after losing his Mum at a young age. Shayan's Mum bought him a piano as a goodbye present. She never lived to see him play it. He lost his Dad exactly one year later.
Shayan Italia is an Indian- (Zoroastrian Parsi) international musician and songwriter. He had a sound educational background and did his higher studies from the University of Westminster.
He is recipient of a number of global awards and is known to support multiple charities in memory of his Mum and Dad who died of Multiple Myeloma and Multiple Sclerosis respectively. As part of a self-growth exercise, Shayan Italia travels to a different country each month in search of inspiration. He makes no money off his music.
Before Shayan Italia’s Mum died, when he was a teenager, she bought him a piano as a goodbye present. She never lived to see him play it for it arrived a few days after she passed on. However, upon unpacking the piano, something truly amazing happened. Shayan placed his hands on the instrument and started unexpectedly creating music. Yes, we said that correctly. Shayan started writing songs out of the blue. Not knowing what to do with his new found gift and his ever-growing catalogue of songs, Shayan Italia decided to leave his hometown, Secunderabad, and turn to London for solace where his elder brother and first cousins resided at the time. He made this move after losing his Dad exactly one year after his Mum.
Shayan Italia felt there was nothing left for him back home. In London, Shayan took out a loan and enrolled himself for a sound engineering course at the prestigious Alchemea College of Audio Engineering in hope that he would learn how to record some of the songs that he had written. But recording songs required money, i.e. musicians, singers, studio time etc and finances were tight with loans maxed out. Undeterred and accepting of the challenge, Shayan resorted to entrepreneurship where he ingeniously auctioned a portion of his future earnings on eBay to raise money to record a song of his. Shayan Italia wanted to raise USD $1,000. He ended up raising a staggering USD 18,000 in 7 days! Shayan Italia later went on to become the first person to ever raise USD 1 million privately for music which led to the birth of his project FEEL. Till date FEEL has garnered over 47 million downloads worldwide purely through word-of-mouth and is now under consideration to be made into a Broadway Musical. Shayan Italia is one of a handful of individuals from India to ever be interviewed by the late legendary Sir David Frost as part of his Frost over the World where Frost opened the interview with the question "Well, is the new Elton John going to come from India?"

  • July 2018