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Random Discussion and Late Night Thoughts (opinions wanted)

Just some things that have been on my mind.

1. With all the sex abuse allegations lately, it's easy to see that some people whose work you loved may not be great people and probably shouldn't be supported. But what if their work means too much to you? What do you do when you WANT to let go, but you can't because you're just too emotionally attached?

2. If you believe someone is lying about a very serious topic like the death of a loved one but you have no proof, how do you approach the situation? You can't exactly call them out, that would be horrible if it turns out to be real. But it's definitely not okay for them to lie if that's the case either.

3. If something happened to you involving a family member that you still see regularly, would you tell other family members or just let it go for the sake of not creating drama? If sharing your story would cause someone else to take the blame for it when it wasn't their fault, would you speak up then? How much of yourself should you be willing to sacrifice for your loved ones?

  • November 2017