Using Social Number

Getting Started – When you first sign-in, you won’t see any activity. We recommend that you start by inviting other friends to the site so you can start exchanging messages with them. Secondly, you should complete your own profile by adding in the right tags or attributes so people can find you in their search results. You may choose to upload your picture as well. Thirdly, you should search for others based on their attributes and send them ‘Pal’ invitations.

Filling out your professional background – We would recommend that you fill out your professional background information if you are interested in possible job opportunities so potential recruiters or employers can find you. You don’t have to disclose your name or your company names on this forum, to maintain your anonymity.

Create or Join Groups – You can join an existing group by using searching the existing database using specific keywords.. You can also start your own group(s) on any topic(s) you are interested in as long it’s not an illegal topic. As an example, you can start a group about “How to deal with Bad Bosses”, “Alcoholic Anonymous”, “How to get over Drug Addiction”, “How to ask a girl out?”, “Dating Secrets”, etc. Some of the illegal activities include child pornography, racial hatred, violence related activities, terrorism, etc.

Post messages – You can start posting your messages once you are signed in, just as you would on any other social networking sites.


  1. Why do I need a Social Number?

    We believe that other social networking sites have become too intrusive with no or little privacy. There are times when you want others to know who you are and there are times you want to stay anonymous. And we have created this site for the latter. With just your ‘Social Number’ as your identification you can talk about anything, with other anonymous identifies without the fear of any repercussion.

  2. Which number should I choose?

    You can choose any number that’s available. We’ll give you suggestions on numbers that are similar to the number you were looking for. We recommend that you use a number that you can easily remember like a date of birth, a name converted to a number, lucky numbers etc. You can select numbers from six to ten digits. We have also provided a ‘Number Helper’ where you can type in your name, date of birth etc. to help you come up with the right (available) number.

  3. How do I use my Social Number in social settings?

    You can use your Social Number with anyone in social settings like parties and get together events. Instead of giving out your name you can use your Social Number and invite other people to connect with you. After dealing with them online, you can decide if you want to reveal your identity to them or not. We strongly discourage revealing your real identity on the site.

  4. Do I need to fill out my profile?

    All fields in the profile are optional and you can fill out as much or as little as you like. However, we would recommend filling out most of the information so others can find you for either personal or professional interests.

  5. Can I create multiple accounts with one email?

    No. You can only create one Social Number with one email. If there’s a second account created, it will be deleted. If you need a different number, please delete the existing account and then create a new one or you could use a different email address.

  6. What happens if I forget my Social Number?

    You can request your number by clicking on the Forgot Social Number link.

  7. What if I forget my password?

    You can request your password by clicking on the Forgot Your Password link.

  8. What if I do not receive account activation email?

    You can request your activation email by clicking on the Resend Activation Email link.

  9. Should I reveal my name or email on the site?

    We strongly discourage you from disclosing your identity on the site since ‘anonymity’ is the fundamental principle of this site. If you have disclosed your identity by mistake, we would recommend that you create another account by using a different email address or deleting your existing account.

  10. Can I delete my account?

    Yes, you can delete your account. Keep in mind that all your history will be lost on that account. So please save your pals’ numbers, and other information that might be relevant to you.

  11. What if I see some illegal or nefarious activity on the site?

    Please report any such activity to us by filling out our ‘Report Abuse’ form. Groups associated with illegal activities will be shut down and all the accounts associated with the group may be deleted. We may also report these activities to the appropriate authorities.

  12. Why don’t you allow people under the age of 18 on the site?

    Due to the anonymous nature of our site, we cannot control the content being discussed. Even if the activities are legal they could still be considered ‘not suitable’ for anyone under the age of 18.

  13. How do I report abuse or harassment?

    Please report any abuse or harassment by filling out our ‘Report Abuse’ form. We’ll take action after further investigation. You can also block someone who keeps sending you unwelcome messages.

  14. Can I use my Facebook or Twitter account to log in?

    Currently we do not allow log-in with Facebook or Twitter so that we can ensure your anonymity.