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Effective Date: August 31st, 2012

Welcome to Social Number!

Social Number, Inc. (“Social Number”) provides this Privacy Policy to inform you of our policies and procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information we receive when you visit and use the Social Number website located at (the “Site”). If you have questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, you should first contact Social Number at or at the following address: Privacy Matters c/o Social Number, Inc., 47000 Warm Springs Blvd, Suite 1-166, Fremont, California 94539.

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. We will notify you of any material changes by posting the new Privacy Policy on the Site. If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will post those changes to this Privacy Policy on the home page of the Site and other places we deem appropriate so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it. You are advised to consult this Privacy Policy regularly for any changes.

Our Policy Toward Children

Social Number does not knowingly collect Personally Identifiable Information from children under 18. If a parent or guardian becomes aware that his or her child has provided us with Personally Identifiable Information without their consent, he or she should contact us at If we become aware that a child under 18 has provided us with Personally Identifiable Information (defined below), we will delete such information from our files and disable their account.


Before you review this Privacy Policy, we recommend you are familiar with the following concepts and terms so that you can best understand how Social Number uses data about you and to enhance your experience on the Site.

Ad Tags: Ad Tags are pieces of code that allow the delivery of online advertisements in the dedicated ad spaces on websites and in online applications. Social Number Ad Tags may transmit certain anonymous information about the web site, section of the site and size of the ad that we are optimizing.

API: An application programming interface or “API” is a particular set of rules and specifications that allows one software program to access and make use of another software program. It helps facilitate the interaction between applications, similar to the way the user interface facilitates interaction between humans and computers. Social Number uses APIs to enable gaming or other similar third party technologiesproducts, or activities available through the Site.

Cookies and other Tracking Technologies: Cookies are small text files that web servers typically send to users’ computer when they visit a website. Cookies can be read or edited when the user loads a website or advertisement from the domain that wrote the cookie in the first place. Cookies are used by companies to collect and send information about a user’s website visit – for example, number of visits, average time spent, pages viewed, navigation history through the website, and other statistics. This information can be used to improve a user’s online experience by saving passwords, or allowing companies to track and improve website loading times, for instance. Cookies can also be used to track a user’s browsing or online purchasing habits and to target advertisements to specific users. Cookies cannot be used to access any other data on a user’s hard drive, to personally identify them, or to act like malware or a virus. Users who prefer not to accept cookies can set their Internet browser to notify them when they receive a cookie or to prevent cookies from being placed on their hard drive. You can read more about cookies at We may also use “pixel tags,” “web beacons,” “clear GIFs” or similar means (individually or collectively “Pixel Tags”) in connection with our Site to collect usage, demographic and geographical location data. A Pixel Tag is an electronic image, often a single pixel, that is ordinarily not visible to users and may be associated with cookies on a user's hard drive. Pixel Tags allow us to count users who have visited certain pages of the Site, to deliver branded services and to help determine the effectiveness of promotional or advertising campaigns.

Personally Identifiable Information: We define personally identifiable information (or “PII”) as “information that can be used to uniquely identify, contact, or locate a single person or can be used with other sources to uniquely identify a single individual.” e. g. name, address, social security number, e-mail address etc. This is the common industry definition used by most Internet companies. Information that is collected by various Internet companies but which does not qualify as PII is call “non-PII.”

Information Collection and Use

Our primary goals in collecting information are to provide and improve our Site, services, features and content, to administer your account and to enable users to enjoy and easily navigate the Site.

  • Anonymity
    While the ability to remain anonymous while using the Site and Services is a valuable feature provided by Social Number, your anonymity is not guaranteed. Your use of the Site inherently puts you at risk of being identified. It is important that you post and share content with care. Any content you post on Social Number that is viewed by other users, may lead to a user identifying you. Social Number is not responsible or liable for any identities revealed by any users accessing or using the Site or Services. Only reveal your identity to those that you trust will not divulge your identity to other users post posting your name or identifiable information on the Site. Social Number will never reveal your identity or provide your name or email address to any third party, unless required to do so by law, for example to comply with a warrant or subpoena.

  • What we collect:
    • Personally Identifiable Information
      • In the course of using the Site, we will ask you to provide us with certain Personally Identifiable Information that can be used to contact or identify you and administer your account (“Personally Identifiable Information”). Personally Identifiable Information includes, but is not limited to, your name and email address.
    • Required Account information
      • Please be aware that when you register with Social Number and set up an account (each a “Social Number Registered User”), you will have to provide a valid email address at minimum.
    • Postings you volunteer
      • Information you post and share about yourself, including but not limited to, photos, comments, birth date, age, gender, location, groups, interests, status update. Depending on your account settings, this can also include the information you choose to share when you take an action, such as when you add a friend, like a Group or Interest, add a location to your story, find friends, or indicate you are in a relationship.
      • We also collect the other information that you provide as part of registration and the administration and personalization of your profile webpage (e.g., without limitation, gender or location (in either case other their own) (“Non-Personally Identifiable Information”).
    • Information Categories
      • Social Number collects three types of information in your profile: General, Personal, and Professional. You may select which type of information users you connect with (“Pals”) can access by controlling the category of information you share. We may create additional information categories as appropriate to meet our users’ requirements.
  • What we share:
    • Please be aware that when you register with Social Number and set up an account to become a Social Number Registered User, other users of the Site will be able to see your social number. In addition other users will see information you make public including, but not limited to, comments and photos that you post to the Site or submit via the services subject to the “user preferences” you set in your account.
  • Why do we collect your information:
    • We use your Personally Identifiable Information (in some cases, in conjunction with your Non-Personally Identifiable Information) mainly to provide services, complete your transactions, and administer your inquiries.
    • Certain Non-Personally Identifiable Information would be considered a part of your Personally Identifiable Information if it were combined with other identifiers (for example, combining your zip code with your street address) in a way that enables you to be identified. However, the same pieces of information are considered Non-Personally Identifiable Information when they are taken alone or combined only with other Non-Personally Identifiable Information (for example, your viewing preferences). We may combine your Personally Identifiable Information with Non-Personally Identifiable Information and aggregate it with information collected from other Social Number users to attempt to provide you with a better experience, to improve the quality of the Site and our services and to analyze and understand how our Site and services are used. Subject to the section below titled Information Sharing and Disclosure,” we may also use the combined information without aggregating it to serve you specifically, for instance to deliver a product to you according to your preferences or restrictions.
    • We also use your Personally Identifiable Information to contact you with marketing or promotional materials and other information that may be of interest to you. If you decide at any time that you no longer wish to receive such communications from us, please follow the unsubscribe instructions provided in any of the communications. We will endeavor to comply with your request as soon as reasonably practicable. Please note that if you opt-out as described above, we will not be able to remove your Personally Identifiable Information from our databases or those of our third party service providers to which we have already provided your Personally Identifiable Information as of the date that we implement your opt-out request. Social Number does not share, sell, rent or trade your Personally Identifiable Information with third parties for such third party's direct marketing purposes.
  • Who can access your information:
    • You can create shares your information at three different levels: Share with Me, Share with Pals, Share with Everyone. Share with Me, means only you can see the selected information. Share with Pals means that all your user connections can access the selected information. Share with Everyone means that all Social Number Registered Users can access the selected information. We may create additional sharing groupings as appropriate to meet our users’ requirements.

Publicly Available Information

  • When you sign up for a Social Number account, your social number, and profile are publicly available. When we use the phrase "public information", we mean the information you choose to make public, as well as information that is always publicly available. Such information may, for example, be accessed by everyone on the Internet (including people not logged into Social Number), be indexed by third party search engines, and be imported, exported, distributed, and redistributed by us and others without privacy limitations. Such information may also be associated with you, including your social number and profile picture if you have posted one, even outside of Social Number, such as on public search engines and when you visit other sites on the internet. The default account setting for certain types of information you post on Social Number is set to “everyone.” You can review and change the default settings in your privacy settings, and also select to make your account “share with me only” or “share with Pals” which allows you to control who has access to viewing your profile.
  • Choosing to make your information public means anyone, including people off of Social Number, will be able to see it. While Social Number never makes your email address public, if you post your email address or name in the text of the content you have shared, other users or Cookies can collect the data and share it. The more information you make public, the less likely it is that you will remain anonymous. Choosing to make your information public also means that this information:
    • Can be associated with you (i.e., your name, profile pictures, photos, Social Number, etc.) even off Social Number;
    • Can show up when someone does a search on Social Number or on a public search engine;
    • Will be accessible to the Social Number-integrated games, applications, and websites you and your friends use; and
    • Will be accessible to anyone who uses our APIs such as, but not limited to, third party gaming companies.
  • Information that is Always Publicly Available

  • The types of information listed below are always publicly available, and are treated just like information you decided to make public.
    • Social Number
      • This helps your friends and family that you have given your Social Number to find you.
    • Pictures
      • These help your friends and family recognize you. Since anonymity is a unique feature of Social Number, you should only post photographs of yourself if you no longer wish to remain anonymous. Once you post pictures and you are recognized, there is no way to regain anonymity. If you are uncomfortable making photos public, you can always delete them. Unless you delete them, when you add a new profile picture, the previous photo will remain public in your picture album.
    • Groups and Interest
      • This helps you see whom you will be sharing information with before you choose "Interest" or “Group” as an audience. If you are uncomfortable making your groups or interests public, you can leave the Group or Interest.
    • Gender
      • This allows us to refer to you properly.


When you use the Site, our servers automatically record information that your browser sends whenever you visit the Site (“Log Data”). This Log Data may include, but is not limited to, your computer's Internet Protocol address, browser type, the web page you were visiting before you came to the Site and information you search for on our Site. We use this information to monitor and analyze use of the Site and our services and for the Site's technical administration, to increase the Site's functionality and user-friendliness, and to better tailor our Site and services to our visitors' needs. This information is collected using Cookies and other tracking technologies as previously defined.

  • We receive data about you whenever you interact with Social Number, such as when you look at another person's profile, send or receive a message, search for a friend or a Page, click on, view or otherwise interact with things, use a Social Number mobile app, or make other purchases through Social Number.
  • When you post things like photos or videos on Social Number, we may receive additional related data (or metadata), such as the time, date, and place you took the photo or video.
  • We receive data from the computer, mobile phone or other device you use to access Social Number, including when multiple users log in from the same device. This may include your IP address and other information about things like your internet service, location, the type (including identifiers) of browser you use, or the pages you visit. For example, we may get your GPS or other location information so we can tell you if any of your friends are nearby.
  • Sometimes we get data from our advertising partners, customers and other third parties that helps us (or them) deliver ads, understand online activity, and generally make Social Number better. For example, an advertiser may tell us information about you (like how you responded to an ad on Social Number or on another site) in order to measure the effectiveness of - and improve the quality of - ads.

How we use the information we receive

We also put together data from the information we already have about you and your friends. For example, we may put together data about you to determine which friends we should show you in your News Feed or suggest you tag in the photos you post. We may put together your current city with GPS and other location information we have about you to, for example, tell you and your friends about people or events nearby, or offer deals to you that you might be interested in. We may also put together data about you to serve you ads that might be more relevant to you.
When we get your GPS location, we put it together with other location information we have about you (like your current city). But we only keep it until it is no longer useful to provide you services, like keeping your last GPS coordinates to send you relevant notifications.

We only provide data to our advertising partners or customers after we have removed your name or any other personally identifying information from it, or have combined it with other people's data in a way that it is no longer associated with you.
We use the information we receive about you in connection with the services and features we provide to you and other users like your friends, our partners, the advertisers that purchase ads on the site, and the developers that build the games, applications, and websites you use. For example, we may use the information we receive about you:

  • as part of our efforts to keep Social Number products, services and integrations safe and secure;
  • to protect Social Number 's or others' rights or property;
  • to provide you with location features and services, like telling you and your friends when something is going on nearby;
  • to measure or understand the effectiveness of ads you and others see, including to deliver relevant ads to you;
  • to make suggestions to you and other users on Social Number, such as: suggesting that you join a group or direct you to an interest network; and
  • for internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research and service improvement.

Granting us this permission not only allows us to provide Social Number it exists today, but it also allows us to provide you with innovative features and services we develop in the future that use the information we receive about you in new ways.
While you are allowing us to use the information we receive about you, you always own all of your information. Your trust is important to us, which is why we don't share information we receive about you with others unless we have:

  • received your permission;
  • given you notice, such as by telling you about it in this policy; or
  • removed your name or any other personally identifying information from it.

Of course, for information others share about you, they control how it is shared.
We store data for as long as it is necessary to provide products and services to you and others, including those described above. Typically, information associated with your account will be kept until your account is deleted. For certain categories of data, we may also tell you about specific data retention practices.

Deleting and Deactivating your Account

All Social Number Registered Users may review, update, correct or delete the information in their profile by logging into their account and changing the “user preferences” associated with their account. If you choose to delete your account, Social Number will retain an archive copy of your account information for up to one (1) week after which the content will be fully purged. Social Number will only retain archive copy for longer than one (1) week if required by law or for legitimate business purposes.

Links to Other Sites

The Site contains links to other websites and online services that are not owned or controlled by Social Number. If you choose to visit an advertiser by “clicking on” a banner ad or other type of advertisement, or click on another third party link, you will be directed to that third party's website. The fact that we link to a website, content or present a banner ad or other type of advertisement is not an endorsement, authorization or representation that we are affiliated with that third party, nor is it an endorsement of their privacy or information security policies or practices. We do not exercise control over third party websites or services. These other websites and services may place their own cookies or other files on your computer, collect data or solicit Personally Identifiable Information from you. Other websites and services follow different rules regarding the use or disclosure of the Personally Identifiable Information you submit to them. We encourage you to read the privacy policies or statements of the other websites you visit. Social Number is not responsible for the practices of other websites or online services.

Access Requests

You can access and correct most of your personal data stored by Social Number by logging into your account and viewing your profile and activity log.

Notifications and Other Messages

We may send you notifications and other messages using the contact information we have for you, like your email address. You can control most of the notifications you receive, including ones from Groups you have joined, Interests you have and changes to the Social Number Site, using your Notifications settings. You can select the frequency of notifications received from Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

If we make changes to this Data Use Policy we will notify you by publication here and on the Social Number Help Page.

If the changes are material, we will provide you additional, prominent notice as appropriate under the circumstances.

Change of Control

If the ownership of our business changes, we may transfer your information to the new owner so they can continue to operate the service. But they will still have to honor the commitments we have made in this Data Use Policy.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Other than as described in this section, Social Number does not rent or share information about you with third parties.

Aggregate Information and Non-Personally Identifiable Information

We may share aggregated information that does not include Personally Identifiable Information and we may otherwise disclose Non-Personally Identifiable Information and Log Data with third parties for industry analysis, demographic profiling and other purposes. Any aggregated information shared in these contexts will not contain your Personally Identifiable Information.

Service Providers

We may employ third party companies and individuals to facilitate the Site and the services available therein, to provide the services on our behalf and to perform services related to administration of the Site (“Service Providers”). The types of Service Providers we use include, without limitation, services providers that provide the following types of services: website maintenance, hosting, database management, web analytics and administration. These third parties have access to your Personally Identifiable Information only to perform these tasks on our behalf and are obligated not to disclose or use it for any other purpose.

Compliance with Laws and Law Enforcement

Social Number cooperates with government and law enforcement officials and private parties to enforce and comply with the law. We will disclose any information about you to government or law enforcement officials or private parties as we, in our sole discretion, believe necessary or appropriate to respond to claims and legal process (including but not limited to subpoenas), to protect the property and rights of Social Number or a third party, to protect the safety of the public or any person, or to prevent or stop any activity we may consider to be, or to pose a risk of being, illegal, unethical, inappropriate or legally actionable. We reserve the right to do any of the foregoing.

Changing Your Account Settings

Social Number offers a variety of Account Settings that users can review and change at any time. Simply log into your account, go to “Settings” and select “Account” to review and adjust your settings as you wish.


If you choose to use our referral service to tell a friend, family, or colleague about our Site, we will ask you for your friend's name and email address. We will automatically send your friend a one-time email inviting him or her to visit the Site. Social Number stores this information for the sole purpose of sending this one-time email and tracking the success of our referral program.

Your friend may contact us at to request that we remove this information from our database.


Social Number is very concerned with safeguarding your information. We are not in the business of providing information security. We do employ limited data security measures, such as encryption, on some but not all systems. Do not provide your Personally Identifiable Information if you are concerned with its disclosure. We do our best to keep your information secure. We try to keep the Social Number Site and Services available, bug-free and safe, but do not make guarantees about any part of our services or products.

International Transfer

Your information may be transferred to—and maintained on—computers located outside of your state, province, country or other governmental jurisdiction where the privacy laws may not be as protective as those in your jurisdiction. If you are located outside the United States and choose to provide information to Social Number, please be advised that we transfer Personally Identifiable Information to the United States and process it there. Your consent to this Privacy Policy followed by your submission of such information represents your agreement to that transfer.


Identity theft and the practice currently known as “phishing” are of great concern to Social Number. Safeguarding information to help protect you from identity theft is a top priority. We do not and will not, at any time, request your credit card information, your login password, or national identification numbers in a non-secure or unsolicited e-mail or telephone communication. For more information about phishing, visit the Federal Trade Commission's website.

Your California Privacy Rights

California law permits residents of California to request certain details about what Personally Identifiable Information a company shares with third parties for the third parties' direct marketing purposes. Social Number does not share your information with third parties for the third parties' own and independent direct marketing purposes unless we receive your permission. If you have questions about our sharing practices or your rights under California law, please write us at 47000 Warm Springs Blvd, Suite 1-166, Fremont, California 94539 or contact us at

Social Number complies with the U.S.-EU and U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor frameworks as set forth by the Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of data from the European Union. To view our certification, visit the U.S. Department of Commerce's Safe Harbor website.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at or at Privacy Matters c/o Social Number, Inc., 47000 Warm Springs Blvd, Suite 1-166, Fremont, California 94539.

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